Notepaper, Invoices and Nameplates

The design of your logo and stationery is important in marketing your business. Letters, invoices, mail shots and statements all contribute to the image that your business conveys and, therefore, represent a form of advertising. You need also to consider the following legal requirements regarding your stationery:

These are:

1. Limited Company or Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

Information Required





Official Publications


Name of Company

Country of registration

Registered office address

Company/LLP number

VAT number

Full details of all directors/members (see below*) or no details

(* Details to be shown: forename or initials, surname, if non-EC director - nationality)

For websites, the specified information does not need to appear on every page. It will be sufficient to list the required information on your "About us" or "Legal info" pages.

2. Partnership (other than a LLP)

A partnership where there are less than 20 partners are required either to state on letters, orders and premises the names of all partners, together with the principal office of the partnership, or state where a list of all partners may be inspected. If VAT registered, invoices must state the VAT number.

3. Sole Trader

A sole trader operating under a business name must state on letters, orders and receipts the name and address of the business. If VAT registered, invoices must state the VAT number.

This information is intended for general guidance only. For further information or advice, please contact David Beckman, Director - MA (Cantab), ACA, CTA, FPC.